I Got My Job Through Second Life

It seems as though Second Life (the popular online digital world) is the latest trend in cutting edge corporate recruitment.

From Fortune.com:

What Second Life brings to the party that few platforms or games before it have is a chance to blend the boundaries between reality and virtual reality, a possibility that has helped boost the number of registered accounts to 2.6 million.

And just as the way we surf the web changed, the way that corporate America does business has changed in this middle space. Case in point: the most radical dotcom 2.0 recruitment wave is happening in virtual reality thanks to Second Life. Instead of posting a resume on Monster.com that will hopefully net a flesh-and-blood job interview, your avatar can be interviewed and hired all within Second Life, often for jobs possible only in virtual reality.

Still don’t believe that corporations would actually look to Second Life as a source of solid, qualified professional applicant leads? Think again:

The core team of Electric Sheep Company, a 27-person operation, was plucked from Second Life, not from a pool of PR applicants or professional computer programmers.

“We hired people we had never met in the real world because we’d spent a year looking at the work they produced within Second Life, and the way that they approached the community,” says Constable. “To a certain extent we knew each other… We knew that in Second Life, they were the best.”

As more of real life pushes into Second Life, corporations and even individuals will tap long-time denizens and gamers for their skill.

If the pontificators are correct, we may all need virtual suits for job interviews.



2 responses to “I Got My Job Through Second Life

  1. This is good

  2. we’re all living the Second Life experience. It’s called the web.


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